A Final Goodbye.....




Friends, it has been a great run here on Champion Server, and before the end a quick shout-out to those who have been there for me in the game.

SG mates Photometeric, Mistress Shanna, Marut and all of them at The Earthguard. I have found you all to be very accepting of myself and my big mouth, and great players as well, and no drama involved. I was able to use my vast experience gaming to good effect for them, and hopefully my involvement made their events and TF's run smoother. Either way, they always seemed to accept me as I am, and I will always be grateful for it. Thanks Earthguard !

...and lets not forget my former SG Protectors of Neverland. My association with Budweiser, Sgt.Klaw and Athena Shadow will always be one of the high points for me. Zone events, PVP, task forces, there seemed to be no in-game event was off limits or too challenging for them to succeed at, and I will always be proud to have been trusted as a fellow High Council there. Bud taught me to be not afraid to trust other players, and that lesson I take with me to other games I might become involved with.

Finally, to all the members of the assorted in-game channels I was trusted to help manage and moderate, thank you for your patience with my tirades against The Elites and Cool Kids (who-ever they were) in said channels. Rest assured my goal was always to create an enviroment where peers could exchange ideas and opinions freely, where all might have equal access. As a pro musician, I know full well the advantages of networking with peers towards a common cause... and a little bit about dealing with possibly excentric but talented individuals. In any event, it was an honor to help those who would create a larger community of united players.

Hopefully I have helped teach some lessons that players will take to other games, lessons about trust, peer networking, and teamwork. I know the community here has taught myself very valuable lessons in these areas and in future will take them to another game. Thank you all, and good luck to you where-ever you might land next. CHAMPION SERVER FOR LIFE !

@Viking Queen.



VQ, it was ALWAYS an honor. You always remained a trusted caring friend and I will miss our times together. You made all of us better everyday.

Hope we dont lose contact....

And as Taker said so well, and I have now adopted it as my sayin g as well...

"Until the next mission my Friend"

DEAR CHAMPION, DEAR CHAMPION, II Protectors of Neverland
"8 years Guys....What a Ride"
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