Brute forum goers




I want to thank all of you for the time I have spent reading posts in here, and tweaking builds and coming together on making better toons. Though I spent alot of time in Scrapperland and other places too, this forum for the past year has mostly been where I went first. The questioning and the debating, and the powerset comparisons, as well as the help I gave and occasionally sought...I will miss you all.

Currently Playing:
Rage King - SS/Regen Brute (50+3)
Soulfire Darkness - Dark/Fire Tank (50+2)
Deaths Final Embrace - Kat/Dark Brute (50+3)



This forum has always been there for me whenever I had a question regarding my brute. I rarely even needed to post due to having all my questions already answered with a simple search.

The posters on this forum have made my journey in the Rogue Isles that much easier. You will all be sorely missed as you were always there for me.

The smash will be gone, but I will always be a brute at heart.

God Bless you all.

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