What I kept secret all these years.. My toons names.. Take Care all.




Xtreme War, Xtreme Tactics, Xtreme Tech, Xtreme Combat, Khaos Xtreme, Arrowworra, Evil Robot Boy, Hypersnypder, Tribal Voodoo, Thunderous Spike, Spyder Monkii, Valiant Justice, Techno-Mage, Dynamo Defense, Technowave, Titanic Ork, Toxik Rayne, Albino Assassin, Biological Warfare, Sub Sonic Wave, Combat Drone, IMPISH, Deth Addur, Midnight Basher, Darkblood Mage, Kontrolled Khaos, Khaos Trident and finally Cabalist of Darkness.

Thank you all for all the fun and the great groups.

Thank you all for all the lessons learned about game mechanics.. It made a difference for me..

1. Why Soft Cap is Important : http://dechskaison.blogspot.com/2011...important.html
2. Limits: http://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Limits
3. Attack Mechanics: http://wiki.cohtitan.com/wiki/Attack_Mechanics
4. Rule of Five: http://wiki.cohtitan.com/wiki/Rule_o...e_Law_of_Fives