Best Alpha Suggestion For TW/WP Brute





Been playing for about 5 years and first post

In general would vigor or agility alpha give better survivability for a TW/WP brute.

I run 4 def toggles and have pretty well soft capped S/L/E. Not sure if getting better HP/regen or getting better def would help more with survivability (especially incarnate content).

Almost T3 vigor, but would switch to agility if that would work better.




out of those two, I would go vigor since the other stuff is already capped anyways. Plus can never have too much regen. It helps get that hp back full for those times you get hit.

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Spiritual or Agility would be my recommendation...Recharge is good for TW...VERY good.

Plus agility adds +DEF and +END you get more endurance and defense to help you survive and keep attacking.

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Thanks all. It sounds like agility will be worth a go. It does have a lot of plusses going for it. If it doesn't work out I can always go back to vigor.

I'm leveling a Mace/Shield scrap right now and really loving it. It's giving TW aoe a real run for its money. This TW toon may get neglected for a while



Eh, even for Titan Weapons, Willpower should have a ton of endurance. I wouldn't let endurance affect my decision.

Last time I Alphaed a Willpower, I went with Spiritual. Yes, Willpower itself gets virtually nothing from recharge (but of course Agility is also +recharge, so no better in that one aspect), but the +heal raises your base hit points noticeably, which works really well with your high Regen. And as noted, TW would love the +recharge.

That said, it's hard to get truly high defense on a Willpower Brute or Scrapper, so Agility won't be a mistake.

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