Present Inspirations and MMs

Adeon Hawkwood



Has anyone else noticed this interesting bug with present inspirations and MMs?

The way presents work is that they apply an AoE Heal/Defense/Damage/Endurance buff for up to 16 targets. However, on the Master Mind, any on these buffs that hit your pets are instead dumped on you (or the corresponding pet that you feed the inspiration to).

This means that:

  • 1- You can reach the defense HARD CAP on your MM with a single inspiration (33% defense x 6).
  • 2- You can completely fill your endurance bar from 0 to full (50 Endurance x6).
  • 3- You can damage cap your tier 9 pet or yourself with a single inspiration (50% damage x5).

While the bug is interesting, I would much prefer for present inspirations to function more normally, by applying a buff to each respective pet/entity rather than stacking them in a single application.



Actually as near as I can tell present inspirations work that way for everyone, it buffs you based on the number of allies it hits. I used one a while back on a Numina TF and it stacksed the damage buff 8 times on me but my teammates got nothing.

It would be nice if the inspirations buffed everyone once instead though.



Oh my, that's very interesting. I thought this was isolated to MMs.