Bug in the new "Destroy the bomb triggers" Alignment mission.




Just did the new version of this mission where Maelstrom is being held prisoner by 2 Fifth Column soldiers, instead of him standing there with 2 Malta minions.

I did it with a stalker, I took out the 2 minions and wiffed on him 37 times with AS. All I used was AS, both with and without BU. The 38th time, I connected. Was set at +2/1 level.

After miss #20, I petitioned it because I expected streak breaker to kick in. Got no response in game, so I kept trying until I hit him and completed the mission.

It looks like the problem I noted in the Stalkers forum a while back: "Stalker to-hit nerfed" has returned.

Anyone else note this, or know anything about it?



I believe that now you have to actually talk to him before fighting him as part of the mission. Though you shouldn't have connected with the 37 try either if that's the case.




I did talk to him, He did not turn hostile until I did. He cons blue (non-hostile) after you first kill the 5th column guards. When you talk to him he turns hostile (cons orange).