My New Years resolution,




I quit my old game that I had religiously played since I was 13.
No need to reveal how old I am now!
It was a lovely 2d game but I feel like it's more then time to move on.
I had played CoH for a month back in 07 and I really enjoyed it.
I am not going to give up this time.
However I must admit besides constant looking things up and what they mean, or how to level (complete newb) I would really like someone I could easily get a hold of who doesnt mind being bothered by a newbie :]

What's the best way that people communicate on this game?
I have aim/skype and ventrillo if I have to -_-

I logged on to freedom and I don't even see a global chat, I am not sure who to direct my questions to if any arise. I suppose the forums is always a good start.




I think the Mentor Project would be perfect for you.

You need to join the global chat channels that is why you're not seeing them. I don't know what Freedoms are you can ask the Freedom forums which are the good ones to join.

The Mentor Project as it's own Global chat which is N P C. It should tell you how to join in the link I gave. I think it is /CHAN_JOIN "N P C"

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Obligatory ParagonWiki is your friend. Information from general to minutia.

As for voice ingame when playing, I've never been on a team where voice was required or even recommended.

/hc is the help channel, it is server wide. /b is zone wide broadcast. Also take a look at this thread for the Mentor Project. They have a global channel you can join.

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