Hmm Altitis already




Well I got my Kin/Shield scrapper to lvl 20...definatly feeling the sting of low level defense chars as well :P. But im already itching to make a char thats more for wiping out rooms, fast.

Ive done some resarch and from what ive seen it boils down to two builds


Ive heard Ele can do it a smidge faster, but at the cost of losing a lot of single target damage. Now i have a lvl 50 fire/fire Brute but being as I haven't played the game in a year, fire melee will feel fresh. ive not played in a looong while id rather have whichever one has a smoother leveling experiance.

Any comments?

once again..thanks in advance



I have both Fire/Shield and Elec/Shield at 50, I like my Fire/Shield a lot better. Elec/Shields is okay but when it comes to bosses it can take a while, which I like to fight when soloing. I had a lot smoother experience leveling my Fire/Shield because of the ST DPS.

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