Ninjitsu Tactics - mastermind




I would love to see a ninja theme secondary power for mastermind, so I took a lot of other secondary powers and gave them a ninja base theme.

Powers that I combined that Inspired me:

Pain Domination: Soothing Aura + Ninjitsu: Kuji-In Sha
Storm Summoning: Steamy Mist + devices: Smoke Grenade
Pain Domination: Enforce Moral + Ninjitsu: Kuji-In Rin
Posion: Paralytic Poison
Traps: Web Grenade + Ninjitsu: Caltrops
Traps: Trip Mind + Ninjitsu: Blinding Powder
Ninjitsu Tactics

Kuji-In Sha Aura - invokes the power of Sha, or healing. Focusing your inner power, you can heal your allies body of its wounds and leave yourself resistant to the effects of toxic damage for a while.
(Pain Domination: Soothing Aura + Ninjitsu: Kuji-In Sha)

Poison Mist - You drink a gourd filled with deadly toxicants and spewing a area spread of poisons on your foes that significantly Weakens their strength. The affected target's chance to hit and Damage output is severely reduced. Additionally, the affected target's secondary power effects are all weakened. The target's power effects like Heals, Defense Buffs, Endurance Drains, Disorients, Holds, Immobilizes, Knockbacks and more, are all weakened.

Kuji-In Rin Wave - Kuji-In Rin is the strength of mind and body. By focusing your power on this exercise, you expel a wave of chi in all direction protecting your ally from disorient, hold, sleep, immobilization, confusion, and fear, as well as resistance to psionic damage for a few minutes.
(Pain Domination: Enforce Moral + Ninjitsu: Kuji-In Rin)

Smoke Bomb Flash - Your mastery of Concealment protecting your allies by throwing a powerful smoke bomb Flash that hide yourself and all nearby allies within the smoke bomb Mist. Smoke Bomb Flash makes you and your allies extremely hard to see within the smoke mist and decreases your enemies chance to hit, and perception greater than any other debuff. (Storm Summoning: Steamy Mist + Traps: Smoke Grenade)

Blow Dart - You are a master of concealment weapons, and can incapacitate your enemies with a paralyzing dart by firing from a bamboo reed that can leave an affected target completely Held and defenseless. (Posion: Paralytic Poison)

Binding Caltrop Spikes - You throw large wide spread spikes on the ground pierces the enemies feet immobilizing. (Traps: Web Grenade + Ninjitsu: Caltrops)

Blinding Mind - You can place a Blinding Mind on the ground. Any foe that pass near the Blinding Mine will cause it to explode, severely blinding them with pepper powder and sand most foes will be blinded, and unable to see. Some affected targets may be overcome by the powder that they may start attacking their own allies. If you attack the blinded foes, they will be alerted to your presence, but will continue to suffer a penalty to chance to hit. The Sleep, Perception and To Hit debuffs are applied to any target the power hits on the initial to-hit roll. On a successful hit, there is a subsequent 50% chance of the Confusion effect being applied. the effected area. Blinding Mine is almost impossible to detect, but it is fragile and may be set off by an enemy's explosion. Even if destroyed, the Blinding Mind will detonate. Setting a mine is delicate work, and if you are interrupted, you will fail. (Traps: Trip Mind + Ninjitsu: Blinding Powder)

Kunai assault - You throw a barrage of sharp ninja kunai that sever muscles and nerves within its path that causes slow movement, and moderate damage.

Ninja Kawarimi - You have fallen in battle, so it seems to your enemies, as you have depleted your health. You vanish into a puff of smoke leaving a small piece of cut wood restoring half of your health and causing a smoke field area that chokes all nearby enemies that makes you extremely hard to hit and see. (There is no debt protection with this Reviving technique, because of the smoke mist that decrease your enemies to hit chance, and perception while in the mist