Framerate drops *indoors* ... ?




Usually when I'm playing I find framerates are usually a problem in outdoor zones -- those are usually the really graphic-intensive zones that hit my graphics card. In Praetoria, however, I find the outdoor zones are usually fine... it's the INDOOR zones that really kill my framerate.

To be specific:

- any zone that uses the "high tech laboratory" layout (with the semi-transparent windows and metallic floors)

- warehouses that use the weird blue mist in the big warehouse rooms

Whenever I get into those areas my framerate drops. Sharply.

What are those rooms doing that the city zones aren't? It's really weird.

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I think some people mentioned the "bloom" settings in the graphics and options inside CoH may help (if you lower the setting). I could be remembering wrong though.

You can always try random things like lowering environmental effects down to 0 and see if that helps, then try particle effects, and so on....

Wish I could be of more help though!

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I think I've actually turned off bloom completely. That helps some but not completely.

One of the things I've noticed about both areas is that they have rooms that are freaking huge, and in those huge rooms there tends to be some kind of nonstandard graphics -- either the weird blue mist in the warehouses or the semi-transparent tubes and consoles in the tech areas. This is contrasted with the tunnel maps, which also have large rooms but they don't really have any sparkly effects, they're just dim and... well... tunnel-ish.

It's a shame you can't set multiple graphics settings -- i.e., set effect to x indoors, y outdoors.

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