Level 20 Epics

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This may not be the right place for this issue, but i am unable to create a hero Epic charicter. I have a level 30 scrapper, and i cannot make an Epic.

I tried, logging in and out of my Lv30, didn't work, freed a space on the server with the 30 still no luck.

I've been dying to see the Epics, any help?



Is your scrapper a former Praetorian?



no, hero for the whole game.



Just to be certain...

You're trying to create a Kheldian, not a Soldier or Widow, right? Heroes still only unlock heroes, villains unlock villains.



Also, you cannot make a Kheldian or an SoA in Praetoria, so make sure you're choosing "Hero" and not "Praetorian" when you go to try and make your Kheld.

Usually logging in to the 20+ character will reset the flag, so it sounds like you're already addressed that problem (which is the most common reason for problems with this).

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