Minimum room size for turbine generator/Longbow chaser




(I saw this thread, but I was not quite sure what to make of the answers given, so instead of Ressurecting the Dead, I decided to make a new thread)

I'm planning to re-arrange the layout of my SG's base and I have a few questions...

1) What is the minimum room size required for the Turbine Generator ? Will it fit in the 3x3 Energy Station ? Or should I plan for the 2x4 Energy Terminal ?

2) Just for future reference, what is the minimum room size required for the Longbow Chaser ? Would it fit in a 2x2 room ?

Thanks in advance !

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A couple years ago, Mad Scientist put a spreadsheet together that shows items, rooms, costs, etc. The costs might be out of date, but the rest of the info is still pretty good.

Mad Scientist's spreadsheet (the little blue links at the top switch "views")


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