Respec Failed?




Hi all,

I was using one of my freespecs last night on a level 31 dominator to take advantage of the inherent fitness (yes, a bit late to the party. I know) and I went through the whole process normally, only to finish at the end and see all my powerbars unchanged, and a message in my chat window that "Respec Failed" and, scrolling up, a long series of "Unknown command: <ascii character>"

Now, this may have failed because my toon had levelled up, but not visited a trainer yet. I played for a couple hours, finished levelling up, and ended the night with a successful respec.

In the end, no harm done, but I may have found a bug. When I was first trying to respec most of my enhancements were outlevelled and red, so I didn't bother to slot them back in. I also didn't touch the enhancements that I had sitting in my enhancement tray that I couldn't use. The game told me about how much INF I would be getting for it, and I accepted it, and once the respec failed, I still had all my outlevelled enhancements slotted, but all of the enhancements that were in my tray were gone.

I'm not sure how much INF I had to start with, so can't say if I was getting free INF or not, but if I did get paid, then that could be a way to get an infinite amount of free INF. If I didn't get paid, then I lost a pile of enhancements that were in my tray. Either way, probably not something that would be considered "good"...

So has anybody had their respecs fail on them, or have any idea what was going on here? Any credence to my theory that it was blowing up because I had levelled, but not trained up?

Jazra -- Level 50 Illusion/Radiation Controller
Swayvill -- Level 50 Plant/Psi Dominator
Droshalla -- Level 50 Warshade
Latro Dectus -- Level 50 Fortunata
Starseeds -- Level 50 Elec/Storm controller



i19 had a respec bug for dominators which popped up while it was on test/in beta. I've done respecs before while having a non-trained level up and not had a problem. Looks like you ran into the respec bug, but I thought it had been squashed prior to i19 going live.

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