I am having a horrid time trying to connect to the Freedom Server?

Doctor Vivian



First off if I have put this post in the wrong place then my appologies, If someone tells me this I will fix my mistake.
Ok then, this has been driving me nuts since yesterday evening. I cannot even log onto the Freedom Server. I seem to get 3 different messages while attempting to log on.
First I put in my password and I get message 1..
” The game client was unable to connect to the login server. This may be due to a local network issue such as a firewall block, or may be because the login server is down for maintanence. Please check your network settings and try again, or check http://www.cityofheroes.com/servers/index.html for current server status."
Ok now after seeing that message a couple of times I actually get to the server selection screen. When I choose Freedom I get Messsage 2…
”No response from this server. Try a different one, or try again later.”
Again a few more attempts an I might actually get to the character select screen. And one would think that all that is finally over I get the next an final message, But! Not after a horribly long wait worse than the first 2 times combined, Yes I get Message 3…
“No MapServer connection, Try again.”
I might actually get into the server after anywhere from 8-24 attempts and then as soon as I change zones It disconnects me. I have no clue why this would start doing this considering I have been playing since 2006 and never seen this sort thing ever.
I have completely reinstalled COH/COV and even uninstalled Norton Internet Security 2010 and upgraded to Norton Internet Security 2011 and I did try to connect while I had Norton unistalled and I still could not connect. This would make me guess that it isnt my Internet security program but either a server issue or something more that I am unfamiliar with. Any help would be very much appriciated as I only played a few days in December and I am very far behind for the Holiday Season badges an this might make me miss em again for another yearl



Hi Sparky --

This seems to be a network issue on your end, most likely related to Norton's firewall blocking the ports that CoH needs to communicate.

I recommend going into Norton and making sure that both CoHupdater.exe and CityofHeroes.exe are given full pass-through permissions.

Contact Norton Tech Support for help if you can't see how to do that.

-- Vivian



Here are some steps you can take in your situation:

1) Reboot your computer
2) Try to logon but this time say "please please please" repeatedly while waiting for the for the character screen to pop up.
3) Slam your mouse into the desk when you can't login
4) Jump up and down in the same spot stomping with both feet.
5) Cry.
6) Write a lengthy post begging for help in a forum not designed for tech support.
7) Cry some more.
8) Go outside.
9) Try not to take your frustration from not being able to play a video game out on that elderly lady with a walker.
10) Seriously, you won't get a candy cane if you kick her in the face.
11) Drop to your knees in shame.
12) Raise both fists to the sky
13) Scream out "Why" at the top of your lungs.



Well Mr_Trix, that was very interesting but completely pointless.



What was that? Oh sorry, I was distracted going over the list of holiday badges that I've collected.