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Mind Phobia



This is a weekly article, delivered to you every Wednesday. These articles are intended to be a fun exercise as well as a good resource for role-players to explore Character Development so please feel free to post your own characters reaction to the weekly prompt.

How does your character face a brand new beginning?

((Okay this should be the last Prompt I do, before returning you to your regularly scheduled Prompt matron, Lady C. New Year usually means a resolution or two for people, so how does your character face their new beginnings? This is a new character I just recently got out of Praetoria, and I wanted to explore her feelings a bit. As always, I hope some are enjoying, or reading or...anything. Post if you want, enjoy either way I hope. Thank you and a very, very happy new year to all of those is CoH, and especially my home Virtue. ))

Cassandra Anne Weinburg sat on the small raised curb of concrete, the doors she had came through behind her. The were constructed of steel, and opened into the sewers, well at least now they did. The first thing she noticed about this new "Primal" Earth was the smell. Pollutants permeated the air, choked off its freshness. True it wasn't quite as bad as Lamba Sector, or Keyes' Island, but you could still smell it. The next thing was the hum, almost imperceptible, but there it was in the background. Cassy didn't know what could be causing it, but she used her enhanced vision to check it out. Her hearing was better then a normal human’s as well, perhaps they couldn't hear it at all. It took her a full five minutes before she realized it came from those strange, vibrating walls of energy that surrounded the island she was on. Two large skyscrapers stood on her left, a large billboard proclaiming the virtue of a certain restaurant was displayed on one of them.

Cassy was startled out of her thoughts by the sound of jet powered propulsion sounded overhead, a hero, at least she assumed it was, flew by. He was encased in some type of high tech body armor and jets flared from his boots. She stood up and thought briefly about flying after him to introduce herself. But, she stopped, remembering what the Dark Watcher had told her. That most people on Primal Earth feared Praetorians, even attacked them. She didn't want to get into a fight her first day here.

Cassy looked herself over, she was clad in a skin tight azure top, it left her mid drift bare. A wreath of laurels was displayed in gold on her ample chest. Golden Praetorian Police shoulder guards adorned her, golden gauntlets and a resplendent golden cape trailed behind her. A short azure mini skirt left her long, lean legs bare, they ended in golden boots that came up her calf to just below her knees. She'd been called Impervium Girl in Praetoria, a heroine of the people. Her image carefully controlled and her exploits captured by TPN and sent out to everyone. Most people in Praetoria knew her, as she had been seen on TPN quite a bit. Heck, John Houston himself had even interviewed her. Now, she realized that she was helping those in power maintain control of the people, but not always for their benefit. She met the different Praetors, White, Duncan, Sinclair, Berry and Tilman, the last name made her shudder the most. She had done their bidding, never questioning orders, never considering the outcome of her actions. She had captured Vanessa DeVore, turned her over to Praetor Tilman. She had helped Praetor Berry construct and test a clone of the Emperor, but that she had at least revealed that incident to Emperor Cole. All in the name of helping the people. The memories assaulted her, made wish she'd never gotten super powers at all.

Cassy reached into her metallic gauntlet and took out the small drive given to her, in what seems like a lifetime ago. Could it really have been less then a week since Brave Knight had given it to her? She had not yet viewed the footage that was on it, but she could guess it would be more of what Interrogator Kang had showed her. War Walkers, military grade clockwork, all prepping for war with Primal Earth. She had prevented Kang from telling the people of Praetoria, she had turned him in. Was that the right thing to have done? Should she have helped him instead? She had spoken with Provost Michard shortly there after. Within the hour they had prepped the dimension portal and sent her here. But, she had met with Emperor Cole as she exited the portal to Primal Earth, they had exchanged words and not pleasant ones.

She stood up, her cape caught the breeze and fluttered behind her. She placed the data chip back into her gauntlet, she would look at it later. Now, she needed to get moving to accomplish something. She had many questions, a few regrets, but one thing she knows in her heart. She did the right thing in coming to Paragon City, to prove to them that not all Praetorians are evil.
The young woman know as Impervium Girl took to the skies, making her way towards the tram and her destiny as Paragon City's newest heroine.

((Yeah I am a Super/Power Girl fan. So sue me. Also I think Praetoria is on of the coolest new things introduced into the game. I can't get enough of the gray morality of the place. I certainly hope they do more with it. Anyway, this is my last stand in prompt. I hope some have enjoyed. Everyone on Virtue have a safe and happy New Year! ))