fire/fire scrapper




well my fire scrapper hit 50 a while ago and i been looking to make him a tad stronger...What iam looking for is defense and budget is around 500-600 million..can u guys give me a heads up on what i have to look for...or even give me a foot in the door....he will be used for farming. looking foward to the builds u guys throw at me..

thanx in advance

lvl 50 Ice/SS (Russian Concussion) lvl 50 ill/rad troller( Fixerr Upper) AV BEAST lvl 50 Dark/Spines ( Line Backer Blitz) lvl 50 Fire/kin ( Source Of The Flame) lvl 50 Ta/Arch ( Arrows Of Delight) lvl 50 Earth/Storm troller ( Rocky-Road) lvl 50 Fire/Fire Scrapper ( 3rd Degree') BioHazard Sally lvl 50 fire/rad troller. Electric Mirage lvl 45 E3 blaster



For best results post your own build first. In general, slot Kinetic combat in all your attacks and reactive armor in all your defenses. Be sure not to skip the steadfast protection 3% defense IO.

If you need more inf, remember you can get all the expensive stuff fast and easy with hero/villain merits.

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