Costume Chalange: Human MODOK!




I've been laboring over a costume for my ill/rad controller for a while. I've been looking for inspirations from all media. I wanted to make an armored version, but to no avail. Then, after a combination of Avengers episode and a MvC3 trailer, why not MODOK? Of course, we don't have a giant head build (yet), but I've trying to emulate the look on a normal build.

So I present to all the costume gurus and sultans of suits, is it possible to make a MODOK-esque costume, but with normal human proportions? I'll try to update with my own designs, but I am strap for ideas.

Here is a reference (not the best) for those unknowing and confused of this D-list character



I'd suggest you post this in the Costume Re-Design thread (stickies at top of forum) as that is where all the design masters congregate. I suspect there's more than one of them who doesn't check out the rest of this forum as regularly as that thread...



was just checking google for some more images of MODOK... and found this...

I've actually laughed my **** off

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I found next Halloween's costume idea.