Fly Emote Keybinds




Here's how to include a flypose emote when you fly.

To start with:
I use the "w" key to move forward (default).

I use the "8" key to toggle Fly on-off (why 8? I have no logical reason). Do Not use a number key if you normally change-out or cycle your primary tray to access more powers. If you do, choose a different key.

I use "y" to initialize the keybinds (mostly 'cause y isn't used for anything else).

You can substitute whatever keys your heroic/wicked little heart desires.

Create a folder to put the .txt bind files in.
I use C:\CoHbinds

Use Notepad to create two .txt files:

run1.txt and fly1.txt (you'll save them in the C:\CoHbinds folder you just made).

For run1.txt type exactly this (including quotation marks and blank spaces):

8 "powexecname fly$$bindloadfile C:\CoHbinds\fly1.txt"

For fly1.txt there are two lines of text (again include the quotes and blank spaces):

w "+forward$$em flypose1"
8 "powexecname fly$$bindloadfile C:\CoHbinds\run1.txt"

This inserts flypose1 as the emote, but flypose2, flypose3, and flypose4 work too.

In-game type this in the chat window (quotes+spaces included):

/bind y "bindloadfile C:\CoHbinds\run1.txt"

and hit the return/enter key. You only ever need to do this one time... Unless you re-map the "y" key, or the defaults get restored.

Now hit the "y" key to activate this awesome new bind. You need to do this every time you re-start the game.

Now when you hit the "8" key, Fly will activate-deactivate (just as if you had slotted Fly into power tray 1, key 8), however...

While flying, begin moving forward normally with the "w" key and Oh Crap! no emote! Don't Panic. Once you start flying forward, try a quick stutter on the "w" key and then hold it down; the emote should work. As long as you are moving a little, the emote will kick-in when the "w" keypress happens again. With a little practice it becomes second-nature to activate the emote every time.

You can now fly the unfriendly skys in style.


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Fist of Justice
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