It's been gone for quite sometime since now and I've recently gotten back into the swing of things within the past three weeks so I've decided to start leveling a stalker I figured why not. I looked at the primaries and secondaries for awhile contemplating my decision and decided to go with Spines/EA. Now prior I already had a Spines/Nin and Elec/Wp stalker. This toon of course was made more of a sentimental value, but that's another story for another day.

Anyways I had a couple questions if they can get answered at all great if not oh well.

1) How does EA fair in pve/pvp? Last time I played was prior to i13.

2) Does EA still need a buff of some sorts or as the Dev's say "it's working as intended"?

3)Where does stack with the other sets in regards to primary and secondary? Figured I'd ask .

4) Lastly, with the whole incarnate system in full launch what would be an optimal tree to go with?

Well that's all for now. Thanks!



Well no replies , that answers my questions lol...