Snowed in Rookery. Mondays!




*wades in through a foot of snow, uphill mind you, and opens the Rookery.*
Good morning everyone. Greetings and such.
*flips on the chefbots and coffee makers to "EXTRA STRENGTH" and gets a cup ready*
I hope no one else is buried in snow like we are in Philly today.



::Rookery phone rings::

::Answering machine picks up::

::Greeting plays silently::


Hi, this is Scooby_Dont. I won't be able to make it in today. I can't open my doors or windows. Have a hot chocolate and a donut for me.



*Strolls in*

Ah yes, you poor east coasters got hit pretty bad didn't you?

*Grabs some coffee*

Well, at least be careful if you go out.

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Yep, sitting in an Apple store now as I type. It was hell getting in here this morning, but I think this city will finally have the snow somewhat cleared up by the time I leave this morning. *fingers crossed*



*Roars up to the doors on his snowmobile, kicking up a huge cloud of snow dust.*



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*Ninjapoofs up in the rafters and dumps a big bucket of snow on Shecky*

The Puppeh Did It!


I haz 87 Clouded Points