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DM/Invul I made for a friend. Would appreciate some feedback also.



I'd say you did your friend proud! This is an excellent build, IMO, and the only changes I would suggest would be minor ones.

For instance:

Instead of a CI Acc/Dam/End, I prefer a level 50 Mako's Acc/Dam/End/Rchg as the fifth slot for Smashing Haymaker or Kinetic Combat. You just lose a couple of percentage points of end reduction that way, and gain around 18% additional recharge.

ResEl is pretty skippable, IMO. Since you have an open pool, you might want to consider picking up Hasten instead.

You might also want to swap out the Recified Reticle ToHit/Rchg in Invinc for the RR +perception, since Invul has none of its own. Not a deal breaker, of course, but the additional perception is nice to have. (Besides, the ToHit/Rchg is very expensive and hard to find, and you don't need the recharge for Invinc anyway.)

Lastly, I'm not a DM expert by any means, so hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in, but IMO you'll want to slot Dark Consumption more heavily. It's a moderate damage attack, so I'd think you'd want to slot it like one. I know it will be challenge to find slots, but you could probably pull a slot each from Char and Fire Blast for a start without doing too much harm. Another option is to upgrade one of the SH sets to Kinetic Combat, which would allow you to drop the RRs in Invinc altogether, and you could use those slots for Dark Consumption.

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