Question about Smoke Flash from Ninjitsu




Hello I was thinking about trying a /Ninjitsu character and I think I remember hearing something awhile back that the Placate from the Smoke Flash power was bugged and not working right. Since that would be kind of the main unique reason to try the set over Super Reflexes, I just wanted to ask if anyone knew if it was working.

Thanks for your help on this and Merry Christmas to everyone.



I don't remember ever hearing that smoke flash was bugged.

If anything it would probably be affected by the same bug that Placate has, but that's a PvP issue not a PvE one.

However there is a big misconception about Smoke Flash.

Smoke Flash does not put one back into the Hidden State.
It drops the agro from mobs, if it hits. That's all it does.

As for Ninjitsu vs SR. Aside from Smoke flash you also have Caltrops and Blinding Powder which add enough variety ti separate Nin and SR.



Yep, it only Placates, you cannot Crit from a Smoke Flash. But that appears to be WAI.

Not really a huge price to pay for an AoE Placate that can stop a good portion of the foes fighting you to just stop. And you can always follow it up with a Placate on a foe that IS still fighting you and Crit.

Blinding Powder, Kuji-In Sha (the self heal) and that you don't have to wait until 35 to get your AoE Defense, are the big differences between SR and Ninjitsu. Caltrops and Smoke Flash are nice, but not really as good as those other differences.

SR gets Quickness and the scaling resistances in the passives.