E3 or Electric/mm?




I'm undecided which to go as Ive seen only one build for a E^3 and none for an electric/MM. Anyone know which might be better for solo? seems Electric/MM would mesh well together, but a E^3 just kinda sounds cool (are those only blaptrollers?).

any help in deciding? :P



If you aren't afraid to get in close, stay in, and make the most out of your melee electric attacks you can get some nice ST dmg to make up for electric blast's subpar dmg.

Psy will give you better aoe without having to be in as close.



If you are going to be mostly soloing you may want to have the utility and survivability of an E^3 (elec/elec/mu) dominator. The damage is still decent, the sapping is much better, and you have hard and soft controls and mez protection for survivability.

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