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So, a question for you fine folks on the Controller forum: I just rolled an Earth/Thermal controller¬ónamed "Al Khamsin" after the fierce desert winds that blow in the Sahara¬óand have no idea what I should focus my build on. I'm primarily interested in strong, strong control capabilities and the ability to turn my Golem into a wrecking machine. I understand Forge and the shields will help it do just that.

That being said, which set bonuses should I aim for? Is it useful and/or possible to softcap, say, AoE and Ranged defense? Should I go for +Recharge to make the heavy hitters, Volcanic Gasses and Stalagmites, hit more often? +Damage?

Also, if there are any people experienced with this combo, how did you find yourself playing in various level ranges? Which powers are really essential to the Earth/Therm, which are icing on the cake, and which are easily skippable? How do you take care of goon-slaying business?

Thanks in advance for the help?



I really enjoy playing my Earth/Therm troller as the combo brings a lot to any team: excellent controls, excellent buffs and good debuffs.

From my perspective, I would focus on recharge (also keeping in mind spiritual incarnate ability) when you finally hit 50. Having your key powers recharge quicker is a win route in team settings and even solo. I think going for +damage will leave you unsatisfied as it did me even for solo. I simply found it more fun running on teams rather than soloing my earth/therm.

You can build toward softcap defenses (range and aoe positions makes the most sense) but its largely dependent on what direction you want to take the build...again more recharge means you will likely be giving up defense bonuses.

Building out my earth/therm was tight because just about all the powers are useful. I took everything out of thermal radiation and in my book, Salt Crystals is the skippable power for Earth Control (more below). This of course, meant less power slots available to dip into Ancillary pools but I still managed take Leadership powers, Leaping (for travel) and Fire Mastery Epic.

More comments: Thermal radiation has powers that can apply either to teammates and/or your Animate Stone. The debuffs Heat Exhaustion and Melt Armor greatly help in taking down Bosses/EBs/AVs/Monsters.

Its hard for me to justify taking Salt Crystals because the sleep effect generally does not last long (especially in teams). Powers such as Stone Cages, Stalagmites, Earthquake and Volcanic Gasses breaks the sleep effect on mobs but will say that when soloing, you can more easily work around it.

G'luck and have fun!

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Thanks! This is exactly the kind of information I wanted. Most helpful.