"Rain" Damage Procs?




Quick question. Finally IO'ing my Ice/Cold corruptor up, and I'm picking what sets I want to put in places. How do the +Damage Procs from sets like Positron's Blast work in the rain powers like Ice Storm, Blizzard, and Sleet? Is the "Minor DMG" scaled to be that of a fraction of the damage each tick of the storm does, or is it full power? Also, does it proc for every tick of damage, or just in the initial casting?





Base damage from all damage-adding Proc Invention Origin Enhancements is identical. The base damage amount is affected by one thing: the character's Combat Level. It is not affected by his Archetype or by the level of the IO.

How does a proc work in (Insert Rain/Emanation Power)?

A proc will have a chance to fire once every 10 seconds for the duration of the Rain/Emanation Power. For a power that only lasts 10 seconds, it will get two chances off (Tested this myself and confirmed).



Cool. So they're pretty much worth slotting then.



oh very - but its a big balance.....
do you value consistent damage or totally randomized damage?
Cranking up damage out of a low-damage type, ie Sleet, you can cramfest multiple procs in....
for fun, ive done that in some toonz and its really fun to see which mobs get a little wacked, really wacked, and intensely wacked. If you have 4 procs, each mob gets a roll on each proc. So there's a potential of a mob getting all 4 heaped on his head in one wack lol. Ive seen that happen to a boss in a group while experimenting with this. I had 3 damage procs and the AH -resist proc in Sleet and he must have gotten all of them cuz he instantly lost 1/2 his life hahaha. Ive seen minion and up to LT class get outright 1shotted by this effect....

prob not applicable to you, but FYI - if you have damage procs in a -Resist power, they will do an adjusted damage according to the -resist percentage!

cycles every 10seconds i believe in animation