Just saw The Tourist

Father Xmas



I really enjoyed it and think Angelina Jolie is really good and very beautiful however this is not a review (I suck at those anyway). I just had a question for people that have seen it or know about the movie in general.

Why the hell is Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp up for best actors in a comedy or musical at the golden globes? That movie is neither.



Because somebody assumed that all films advertised as being about mistaken identities are comedies.

After all North by Northwest and Charade were such a laugh riots.

More than likely they wanted those two just to show up so they can get their picture taken with them and maybe Brad Pitt.

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Odd you say that cause there seems to be a few people saying films were getting the nod because of the stars in the movie. The golden globes must want more faces in attendance for creditability.