PPP / APP decision for */cold domination




Hey folks,

I'm trying to get a gist of which of the two options are thought more beneficial for the a cold dominatation corruptor.

Do you take the Power APP

or the Ghost Widow PPP

to get Power Boost or Power Build UP

The pros/cons:

Power Boost lasts a few seconds longer, and is up much more frequently, but does not boost secondary effects as much, and does not boost damage.

Power Build Up has a damage, to hit boost, on top of superior secondary boosts.

The other thing to think about is what other powers the sets give. While Power Boost is arguably more frequently useable, it does not have as much mitigation / endurance boosting powers that the Power Mastery APP gives.

Of course Soul Drain helps cover some of the damage boosting ability for the corruptor in the Soul Mastery PPP, but the mitigation is limited to the one shield power as opposed to the Power Mastery APP which has the one shield and Force of Nature.



Note that Power Build Up and Power Boost will not work on powers that can have resistance enhancements. This applies to all cold shields.

I think you would be best off going Mace Mastery to help softcap your S/L defenses.

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I just respec'd from Power to Ghost Widow on my Cold Corruptor, though I haven't played them enough with the new set to generate an opinion yet.

However, the big thing that GW has over Power is that extra ranged Hold in the form of Soul Storm. Being that his primary is ice, I've got several holds at my disposal at any given time, and that suits my play style. Being that Power Boost lasts longer, I can get more attacks in that will utilize its effects than otherwise.

And this is a personal preference, but I love my Warshade. So having Soul Drain on my Corruptor is just plain fun, regardless of how useful it is in a min/maxing/practicality sense.