Tough in 'Mids'

Adeon Hawkwood



I slotted it in tough and when I turn on tough it also gives 12% resist to toxic and psionic..
I only have (Steadfast protection defense 3%), (Steadfast protection knockback protection) and (impervious skin status resistance)..

so is this a bug for 'mids' or is there some sort of hidden buff in tough or once of these IOs?

Bruce-lee,scrapper,MA/SR 50 (H) Pinnacle
Fire-d Star,tanker, Fire/fire 50 (H) Pinnacle
Something Ugly, Brute, Elec/stone 50 (V) Pinnacle



You probably have PvP mode turned on (there's a toggle button in the top right.)



Do you accidentally have Mids' in PvP mode?