Calvin Scott Story Arc NPC Cohorts Fighting Fire?




In the past two years playing this game, I don't think I've every had a NPC Pet or NCP Cohort stop and start fighting an inanimate object. I took this snap shot of such the case in the Calvin Scott Story Arc of my NPC Cohorts stopping and fighting (punching at) the fire...heh...heh. As I moved on, they proceeded to punch, shoot and kick at the fire trying to kill it. I eventually had to ignore them as they would not follow me anymore. Eventually, one of them broke free of the fires grasp and met up with me at the mish'es end.

I put this one in the Technical Issues & Bugs as I know this is not the norm for NPC Cohorts or at least I found it unusual to see. I know that even tough the fire is an inanimate object, it does do damage if you walk through it which might make it seem as if it where an animate object thus the NCP Cohorts don't know the difference between the two based on how the fire is coded within the game, not sure? I just thought this was funny to see and didn't know if anyone else has run into this before?