[RPSG]Precinct 101 is now Recruiting!




Citizens of Praetoria,your country needs you!Apply now for the Precinct 101, a "special forces" Precinct from Praetoria.Led by Praetor Weaver,the Precinct recruits its members from White's Powers Divisions, T.E.S.T and the Praetoria Police Department as well.They work as much as a "normal"Precinct as a Special Forces/Black Ops division.Since they are not "normal" PPD,any powerset can be applied.

Precinct 101's recently created,but we already have a good RP playerbase,and we're growing in members and Coalitions!

Contact via @Pedro Schwartz

Currently,we don't have a Website yet,and our SG Base is in construction,but all help would be welcome!

PS: The post is a little shy cause I'm not the best post editor ever but you get the idea

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Praetor Weaver, huh?

My character is Emperor Coles god daughter. TOP THAT.

I would like to issue a plea on behalf of Paragon's diminutive protectors, please watch where you step. We're four feet tall in a six foot tall world, we've been cast adrift in a sea of butts. -Pillbug



Saw this an got interested. I got a character that might fit this SG! And it's Praetoria themed! Awesome!