CohUpdater.exe Error




Hey Forumites:

Click on Updater...

1. Verifying images
2. Download manifest
3. Fixing files: piggs/sound.pigg

Update - File Error
checksum failed on piggs/sound.pigg
Click Ok to do full checksum on all files

You maybe out of disk space or you may be trying to install to a location where you have insufficient permissions.

click OK

CohUpdater.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close...Sorry blah blah blah...

Ok, I've been gone for like 10 days...whats going on? how do I fix it? Thanks in advance.


Noght 50 Scrapper Broadsword/Invulnerability
Fire Umbra 50 Brute Dark Melee/Fire Aura
Impulse Cry 50 Blaster Sonic/Energy
Internist 50 Mastermind Poison/Thugs
Ice Omega 50 Corrupter Ice/Radiation
Prickly Heat 50 Dominator Plant/Fire
Champion Server