Arc Name: Controversial, Ard ID: 473409




This story goes with the Controversial Badge.

Arc Name: Controversial
Ard ID: 473409
Keywords: Sol Friendly, Origin Story, Mystery
Length: Very Long (4 Missions)
Morality: Heroic
Enemy Group: 5th Column
Story Description: If you remember, the statue of the heroine, "The Night Hammer" has been the focus of two controversies. The first was Night Hammer's disgust at how the statue turned out. The second was the "mysterious" disappearance of the architect who designed the statue. This is what happened!

** Please let me know what you think of the story, and if it needs improving. I'll take any suggestions!**

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Review: Controversial

Arc ID 473409

You should unpublish this mission arc and work on it a bit before republishing it. The arc has tremendous potential but this potential is lost because the work just is not there.

Story – Story is none existent. Every piece of dialogue past the first mission rarely amounts to more than two sentences. You are not developing the story at all or even explaining what is going on. You need take all your dialogue and put it into some sort of writing program like Microsoft Word. You have numerous spelling, grammar and style errors that would make an english teacher cry. The very first sentence in your arc says “Nihjt Hammer”. Serious put your stuff into word. If it does not light up like a Christmas tree, I would be surprised.

Gameplay-The gameplay is stale. You use 5th column throughout the entire arc. The Night Hammer is the exception to this but she only appears at the end of the last mission. Mix this up a bit. Perhaps make a custom group or have a map where you have to fight a different enemy group. The lack of enemy diversity is horrifying. Adding some more patrols with dialogue and ambushes at certain times would help break the stale pacing.

Objectives- You have three large warehouses right after each other. Why not mix this up a bit by throwing a 5th column base or an office building. Your entire first mission is a defeat all in a mid-large size map. This is incredibly annoying. Only use defeat alls in small maps with lots of visibility. Your other three missions have one objective. Why not add some more objectives or at least choose smaller maps. You are making the player run around a whole map to find a single objective. It is not fun. That being said you labeled the mission arc as very long. I would call this mission medium or long and not very long.

You objectives are completely vague. Search for Clues is not an appropriate description for a defeat all mission. Find Bob Mueller is not an appropriate description for an escort mission. These objectives are confusing to say the least. You have no search dialogue when searching objects and your clues do not reveal anything that the player does not already know.

I gave this arc 1 star. I did this because I want you to go back and put a lot of work into this project. Write a decent story, put in more objectives and diversify the enemies and levels a bit more. If you do not like my rating, then simply unpublish the map and then publish it again from a test map. I am your first rater so it will not hurt your numbers at all.