Gladiator's Armor: +3% Defense and TP Resist[10] for sale!




The title says it all! One of the ultra-rare Gladiator globals is on sale, set at Lv10 for ease of slotting! Yes, not only can your Lv50 purpled out Incarnate monstrosity reach higher echelons of universal defense, but your Lv7 brain-children will be able to wear it with pride, secure in the knowledge that he or she or whatever is almost certainly the most expensively kitted out lowbie on the server!

Starting bidding at 3Bil; the best offer that comes in by midnight CST on 12/22/10 will be accepted.

Post here or send offers to my PM box or to @Kyria Shirako in game!



i'll give you 3 bil @splintercell