Game patches with every log in




Hey there,

Is anyone else having to patch the game every time they log in?

Any way to stop this from happening?




A few of us at the Defenders of Paragon are reporting patching on every boot and "No server available" on trying to connect to servers.

Delete your checksum file in the COH directory and see if the reverification of your files helps!

Edit: Also delete a *.prv file when you delete the checksum for a full reverification.

The Story of a Petless MM with a dream
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This entire post should receive some kind of award for being both hysterical and fantastic.
Well done.
I have a 50 in every AT, but Scrappers and Dominators are my favorites.



Thanks that seemed to fix it.



Ok so it didn't work I turned my PC on this morning and it is patching again.

anyone else have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance!



Also the no response from server has returned.

This has been going on since Thursday, this morning I have been trying to log in for 28 min now with no luck.

any help would be appreciated.