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Hello my fellow scrappers,

Running in to that all-too-familiar altitis and it's hitting me hard with scrappers. I know what I want him be able to do, and I damn well want him to do it well. I recently rolled a DM/Inv, and am quite pleased- however, I'm like a damn kid on Christmas. I see something, and I get this idea in my head, and I go "Hey!" and then go "Crap!"... I develop an idea in my head, but can't seem to think of a powerset to back it up. I love Invul, and I love SR... I love Shields, but they've been done.. Though, that doesn't mean I'm ruling them out if it's a must. For the love of- I want him to represent power! I want him to be the Chuck Norris of Scrappers! ...but not actually Chuck Norris, he's aging.

So, I started considering DB/Elec. Seems nice, yeah- but I feel as though it would be a bit on the squishy side. Broad Sword is nice too. I have a BS/Shield, but have lost my motivation to play him. Oh, to answer a valuable question ahead of time- Yes, I want him to be able to solo AV's, and if possible, GM's. Though, I also want him to be able to run in to a group, get wailed on to **** and go "That all you got, you panzies?!"

So... What are my options, because I'm overly hyper and altified to think rationally on this...



You won't be soloing Giant Monsters on a Scrapper except on some of the highest DPS builds chugging reds or using nukes. Not sure the reds are enough, actually. If that's the goal, I think you're looking at Dark Melee, Fire or Kinetic Melee with Shield Defense. I think. (Edit: Oh, wait. Envenomed Dagger. I pretty much never use temps, so I don't keep very good track of what they can do for you.)

If you're not concerned with time required, and just want a massively survivable build that can take down AVs and almost anything else, it's hard to go wrong with Dark Melee/Invuln.

My favorite is Katana/Dark, actually. You can hit 45% to all positions, have very good resistance, and have a full heal every fifteen seconds or so. But really, it's still not as solid as Dark Melee/Invuln when it comes to surviving multiple AVs. Heck, I haven't even tried multiple AVs with mine. No wait, I did once a year ago and face planted. I'm pretty sure it could do it just fine, though, just not as well as Dark Melee/Invuln.

So... Dark Melee/Shield Defense and nukes if you want to solo Giant Monsters, Dark Melee/Invulnerability if you want to solo multiple AVs at once. Those are my suggestions.

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Good to know I can count on you, Werner. Heh. DM/Inv it is.