Psi Energy Questions-




I have a Psi Energy Blaster I took to level 50 earlier this week on mostly regular IOs minus the KB and a couple of others. I took powers that I thought were interesting as I went so I could get to know the powers better.

This build will be for PVE and likely at range when I can.

Here are some of the key stats-
45% Ranged
35% S/L
234% Regen
3.24 End (without accolades turned on)
30% haste without hasten engaged (i do have hasten btw)

What do you think? I could easily get around 41% on s/l and ranged to get both about the same level. I could get 45% on s/l at the expense of ranged. However, I am thinking that with Energy and Ranged capped I should not have to worry much about mez. I am just not 100% sure which direction to take the build.