Apocalyspse, where? Grav/Nrg




Hey, still trying to monkey wrench this build. So, thanks to the boards help and my own play experience i realize now i am building a ranged Dom. who knew? lol

Anyways, i plan to take most/all of the ranged attacks in both. I looked at a number of places to put Apocalypse. Almost went with Power Push, but it has a range of 70. then i saw Lift from the primary. Short cast, fast recharge, okay damage. It could benefit from a nice kick, and that knock up on it will keep any Lt or less busy as well.

Anybody have insight on where to slot the set to get the most use out of it?



Doesn't really matter what you give it to, as long as it has 5 slots or more. The reason to slot purples is for the set bonuses. Optimally, though, give it to a power that you use most often. By the time you hit 50, you'll know what that power is.