Add Untouchable to Self-Rez's that lack it




In the past, I've always viewed the Self-Rez powers of Tankers and Scrappers as one of the "skippable" powers. Nice to have, maybe, but skippable in favor of more important selections.

Now, with the freeing up of several power picks due to Inherent Fitness, I've added the Self-Rez powers back into the build of several of my characters. And I've noticed a problem.

Of the 4 Self-Rez powers (Soul Transfer, Rise of the Phoenix, Revive, and Resurgence),
Soul Transfer and RotP have a short period of "untouchable" allowing for toggles to be turned back on.

Revive and Resurgence don't have this untouchable period. I've really noticed it in the past few days, as I've also been "pushing the boundries" on my Willpower Tanker to see how much he can actually handle.

Unfortunately, when he does get dropped, he is almost always in the center of a large group of enemies. Enemies which immediately target and blast him back to defeated again before the "stand up" animation of Resurgence even finishes, much less before he's gotten a chance to turn on even one toggle. . .

So, could we maybe get the short "untouchable" period that Soul Transfer and RotP have added into Revive and Resurgence? It would make those two powers perform much closer to what they are supposed to do (ie allow the Tanker/Scrapper to actually get back up and keep fighting!)

[I don't even want to get into the other secondary effects that make Soul Transfer and RotP so much better powers than Revive and Resurgence, but it would be nice if it was actually possible to use the Self-Rez powers to, I don't know, actually Rez myself]

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