RWZ Mothership Raid! Tue, 12/14 8:30 PM Eastern




Vanguard Lancers is a Vanguard-themed Supergroup that has been running on Tuesday evenings for a few months now. It's made up of Fusion Force and Grand Coalition members and was created by Jack Virgo.

Now that most of us are in the L47-50 range, we've decided to take on the ultimate Vangard assignment, a RWZ Mothership Raid!

Everyone on Triumph is welcome to join us!

Tuesday, December, 14th
meet at Point du Hoc in the Rikti War Zone at 8:30 PM Eastern
lead by Jack Pentecost (@JackVirgo)

Hope to see you there!

(Pole Shift is my Vanguard Lancers toon)

For more information on Vanguard Lancers visit

Fusion Force






Thanks for the great turn out tonight Triumph!

Gratz to all the new level 50s!

Fusion Force