Elec/WP Brute Theorycrunching




I cannot get WP's S/L resist past about 74% no matter what I do - should I build for regen past that or try to reslot some and try to get 45% S/L defense through sets (assuming money isn't much of an object as long as I'm not slotting dozens of purples and Kinetic Combats and the like?)

Please respond quickly, I'd like to have this build done before the third freespec. Thank you.



Purples really won't help you. Try to softcap typed Defense, and then +HP. Don't bother trying to get +Regen bonuses, and DEFINITELY don't get resist bonuses.

Your character does not have capped defense. Depending on your AT the cap is between 175% - 225%. Your defense is not teal in the combat window, it can go higher. STOP SAYING IT IS CAPPED! The correct term is Soft Cap.
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