Inconsistencies in how many goals are allowed on a map




I think I found a bug.

There is room for a limited number of objectives on a map. Only 40 glowies allowed for example. Also, some spawn points are shared by multiple objectives. For instance, maybe you can have 3 allies or 3 escorts, but you can't have 3 of each.

The strange thing is that this seems to change depending on what order you select them. Add 3 escorts and then you can't add an ally. But if you add the 3 allies first, you can also add the 3 escorts. The latter does add an error, but it still lets you add them. You shouldn't be able to add them, right?

If you want to reproduce this, try:
Map Type: Caves - Mausoleam to Caves
Map Length: Tiny
Map: Random

Try adding 3 defendable objects. You will find you can't add an ally. Delete those defendable objects and add 3 allies. Now you can add 6 defendable objects.



It's a weirdness in that if you look at the map on 'page 1' of the mission, it tells you what you can and can't have on the map, and in how many numbers. But when you get to 'page 2', those numbers don't always align with what you saw. Damned if I know why. :S


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