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I am hoping some kind soul on these forums will help me figure this bugger out. So I've been away from my computer for the past year and a half. Got back to it, and decided to re-up my CoH subscription. I got the new client downloaded only it wouldn't allow me to load the game (don't remember the message). So I investigated a bit. I looked all over and have discovered that my graphics card is no longer showing up on my PC. Oh it's definitely still in there, but there is absolutely no sign of an ATI Radeon card on my computer. Wonder why that is? The card model is 9550, I can read that from the card. Another thing ; the ATI Catalyst Control is gone, so there is no trace of the darn card anywhere on my computer. I tried finding the drivers for the "9550" card and had no luck. I figure if the graphics card crashed or died then I would still have the Catalyst Control or something, but nothing is there. Hmmm.

So to summarize;

The ATI Radeon 9550 IS in my computer and it worked fine in the past. But currently there is no trace of the ATI Radeon or ATI Catalyst Control card ANYWHERE on the computer. Cannot play the game w/o my card, please help me! Can anyone think of a possible explanation or solution to this problem?

edit: ATI website won't let me download anything, says not authorized. Hmmm!



There are three possibilities that come to mind.

1: Someone uninstalled it (accidentally or intentionally).
2: One of your Windows patches bolloxed it up.
3: You've tried a beta driver at some time in the past. A while back one of ATI's beta drivers was known to completely destroy the Catalyst Control.

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Oh, I think I know what the problem is.......

Support for older legacy video cards stopped with Catalyst 9.3

Try downloading and installing that version of CCC (9.3).

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