PPP Leviathan Mastery




So I am making a new toon and I really like the PPP Leviathan Mastery set, but the one thing I dont like, at this goes for most APP and PPP set for trollers is that some dont offer as many attacks as they should. I am not sure if there is a thread for powers still. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would help alot. I am just wondering if they may consider throwing the controllers and bone and put some more ranged attack in PPP Leviathan Mastery set. Like Spirit Shark, or a water ball single shot attack. Just something to even out the set. Maybe even look over all APP and PPP for controllers. Heres Hoping




PPP Leviathan Mastery does not have a single target blast. In its place it has Water Spout, which is a good damage/control power.