In another of my long line of ridiculous ideas: Super Strength port for Dominators




Basically I'd love to see another very smashy port of Super Strength to Dominators as a secondary much like they did with Stone Melee calling it Earth Assault. It'll stun and do knockdown as well as being purely smashing damage.

Super Strength Assault or...(i'm terrible with names)

1._____-Ranged Minor Smashing Damage chance for knockdown (similar to hurl or stone spears)
2.Jab-Minor Melee Smashing Damage chance for stun
3.Hand Clap- KnockBack chance for Stun PbAoE
4.Haymaker- High Melee Damage chance for Knockdown
5.Rage- +to hit +damage 60%
6.Hurl- Ranged smashing -Fly
7.Knockout Blow - Extreme Damage Mag 3 Hold
8._____ - Targeted AoE that Stuns
9.Foot Stomp- Moderate Smash Damage PbAoE knockdown

Any feedback is welcome.



(Even though Assault isn't Manipulation, I'm going to bet on it: inb4 Saist.)

Are you proposing a slightly debuffed Rage for the set, or are you suggesting a Build Up power that just shares the name? The former would probably cause cries of overpowering Dominators.

Also, Hand Clap comes a bit early, if it's going to be in the set, at least if you ask me.
And I'm sure people will have gripes with Foot Stomp, but given the nature of Psychic Shockwave, I'll leave other people who know more on assault sets to talk about that one.