Fort ranged attack chain: better with or without FU?




My Fort's attack chain is seamless and completely ranged:

Dominate > Subdue > Gloom

I did this specifically because the alternate build on the character is full melee, and I did not want a second full melee chain (even though it's better than the fort ranged chain).

The goal was a fully ranged chain.

As the free respec-mageddon continues, I have the option to pick up Follow Up and fully slot it.

I will still primarily fight at ranged, but this would give me the option to move into melee and, hopefully, increase my damage output.

So my question is, will adding FU benefit or hurt this ranged chain?

And what should the chain be with FU in it?

I have enough recharge to run FU + any 2 of the ranged attacks seamlessly, or I can run FU + all 3 attacks.

Thanks in advance.