how is robotics/fire synergize




Hey guys, I'm just coming back from my hiatus and I wanted to start an MM, since I've never had one before. So i was thinking how is robotics/ and thermal. I like how Therm gives 2 shields and a ok aoe and good single target heal. Yet provides things like Forge and heat exhaustion. if that is not good combo with robotics then if you refer me to something else that is then I would be grateful.



Bump plz I need advice



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Bump plz I need advice
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Thermal is still new to Masterminds. I've looks around for any guides for it, but nothing yet. I was trying out a Bots/Thermal, but it's taken a back burner to Incarnates for now.

It is tricky to do as Thermal buffs are all single target. Binds are a must to be effective. I should mention, Power of the Phoenix is of no use on your pets, as they cannot be rezzed.

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Bots are arguably the strongest pets, so you can't go too far wrong.

Therm is great if you don't mind re-applying the buffs to your pets and team-mates. Personally that drives me nuts so I choose to play other sets instead of being a poor therm.

The bots have defence shields, and have great synergy with defence or -tohit sets like FF, traps or dark miasma. Therm is a resist set and will make everyone sturdy, but probably not untouchable juggernauts like FF or traps.

If you like therm the demons have resist shields and demon/therm seems to be quite popular. As a bonus the current pet AI makes demons behave more sensibly then bots.



I agree with what anonymoose said. It's not a max defense build, but it should work. I have robots, and I have a demon/thermal. The AoE heal from thermal should have good synergy with the protector bots repairs. On my demons, just being able to top off health before each encounter means you don't have to slow down much for regrouping. Thermal heals are also very team friendly.

What forcefields can NOT replicate on thermal are forge buffs to your pets. I can only imagine a forge buffed assault bot. Heat exhaustion and Melt Armor are very fine debuffs, too.

Does thermal compare to /dark and /traps in total min/maxing? Probably not mathematically, but you still have the player involved and what you might like. The aoe heal will spoil you if you are familiar with the size of dark's twilight grasp. Traps has an immobile heal regeneration beacon, but it won't pull a minion back from the brink in a heavy firefight. Also, thermal has a 'clear mind' type power, thaw, for teammates which /dark and /traps don't have equivalents. (But I am not saying that /dark and /traps are helpless to counter mezzes either.)

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