Supergroup Name Woes




I recently registered a threat group on Virtue with the intention of turning said group into a role-playing organization. After a couple days of thought, I realized the group would be more Vigilante themed instead of Villain/Rogue and would then of course fit better on blue side. So, the question is... if I remove myself from the group, is that group deleted and the name immediately up for grabs? Is there a waiting period till the group is deleted? Or, is the group's name permanently locked out from anyone else ever using it?

If it matters, I did not add a base to the group. It does have some earned prestige beyond the initial 20k.

Thanks for your time.



If you are the only member in the group, then if you leave the group it will be disbanded and the name will open up again.

If I remember right, it's almost instantly released like character names are, but I have seen instances where character names sometimes takes upwards of 1/2 hour to release

(it's rare, but I've had it happen before. Of course, it could be that someone else snagged the name in the minute or so between delete and re-creation of a character....and then deleted thier character as well, allowing me to snag it back...but that seems rather convoluted and I'm more inclined to say that every once in awhile the update to the database just took a little while to filter out everywhere).

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Thank you very much!