Population and levels?




I am returning after a long break. I have been playing CoH off and on for years but still don't have a level 50. Now, are all the players playing their 50s to get incarnate stuff? Will I still be able to get a good low-level team? I want to play from level one but looking forward to other players doing the same thing.




I've heard a couple friends complain of having trouble finding lower level teams since I19 dropped, and that's to be expected with all the incentive we've been given to play our 50s and run the high-level TFs. After everyone gets their mains Alpha-ed up they'll drift back to their alts and the teaming will pick up, I'd expect. I've been recommending people go through the D and take their Primal lowbies on Praetorian teams, since there still seems to be a lot of activity there.

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