Mastermind Customization




Long time reader, first time poster... And I don't know if this is the forum to post this too.

First of all, the game is great. I enjoy it. If my suggestions or comments aren't even read or just dismissed, it would be alright! Just something I've been tossing around.

I know awhile back that the developers were asked about customization of the MM pets. They talked about how they considered letting people being able to change the colors of the pets but felt it was a bit on the lame side. I agreed. When asked about being able to change the MM pets clothing, they said it might be possible but would take work.

Well, it's been awhile and I figure that adding customization for pets might be something that they can't put the time into, but have they ever considering letting the player choose a new 'collection' of pet like we choose a new look for a weapon?


Say you hunt 500 skulls and get the badge. You're then able to go to a tailor and under PET GROUP, you choose Skulls. So, instead of your original group of thugs, you'd have a Skull motif set of goons.

Now, of course you'd need to figure out how to do it. It's easy when you say the MM is thug. You can find many groups of Thug-like people. But with some thinking, you can give each MM 'class' their own customization the same way people unlock weapons.

Thugs: Hellions, Family, Trolls
Mercenaries: Council, Arachnos, Longbow
Robotics: Praetorian Clockwork, Malta
Ninja: Tsoo
Undead: Pantheon, Council Vampire/Lupine
Demon: Circle of the Thorn?

So, do you guys think it would work? Would it take too much coding? Would you prefer to be able to change the outfits of your pets instead of just unlocking other groups?



I say family should be added to Mercenaries due to the Tommy gun being under Assult Rifle.

And if you changed the skins like that, it be too weird. Such as malta bots being too big, players confusing enemies and allies with arachnos and Longbow and so forth.

Personally though I say another character creator for the pets. With interchanable parts for weirder skeletons such as Demons and bots.