So finally decided to reroll my ele/ele blaster some questions.




Since I play on another server decided to reroll him, I am enjoying him and he is probably the kind of blaster I want, versatility, impressive visuals and fast paced combat. So Anyways my questions are with the new defiance is charged bolts worth it? And how many people still think lightning field is worthless? I think it might be useful now we dont need to take fitness pools.

And if anyone has an updated build I havent played since single orgin enchancements so please any builds would help espically current for i9 thanks all!



Regarding the new Defiance: It is definitely worth it to take Charged Bolts and Lightning Bolt. Not only can you use those 2 attacks while mezzed, but they are also the only 2 simple ST attacks of the set. Bread and butter. Definitely take it.

Personally, I wouldn't touch Lightning Field until later. Early on, you will be far too soft to attract that much attention. And unless you have a tank with you, you will get A LOT of attention. (It's no fun having half your health gone before Short Circuit is done animating...)

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This is great advice thank you.